Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

a biodiversity hotspot

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Home Landscape Wildlife Corridors Kaniyanpura - Moyar Elephant Corridor

Kaniyanpura - Moyar Elephant Corridor

Kaniyanpura - Moyar Elephant Corridor in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve maintains the contiguity of habitat within the Bandipur Tiger Reserve along its border with Satyamangalam Forest Division. The corridor is narrow and is bordered on one side by an elephant proof trench and on the other by the steepslopes of the Moyar gorge.

Forest Division: Bandipur Tiger Reserve
Connectivity : Western part of Bandipur Tiger Reserve with its eastern extremities

Geographical Coordinates:
Latitude 11°37'–11°37' N
Longitude 77°40'–77°41' E

Length: 1 km
Width: 0.4 km
Forest type/ Vegetation: Tropical thorn and deciduous forest
Nearest Protected Area: Bandipur Tiger Reserve
Legal status of the corridor: Reserve Forest
Major land-use: Forest
Major habitation/settlements in corridor: Nil
Corridor dependent villages: Kaniyanpura and Karragihundi
Human artefacts on the corridor: Nil
Frequency of usage of the corridor by elephants: Regular; used by herds and bulls

Threats to the corridor

  1. Cattle grazing and fuel wood collection
Conservation plan
  1. Declaration, demarcation and legal protection of the corridor under various laws appropriate for the state
  2. Monitoring the already acquired corridor for encroachment
  3. Reducing habitat disturbances caused by cattle grazing and fuel wood collection

This was initially a narrow corridor of about 0.1 km width. The Karnataka Forest Department with the financial assistance of the Directorate of Project Elephant have acquired the adjacent revenue land and annexed it to the Reserve Forest to widen the corridor near Karragihundi village.



"Ecosystem" means a dynamic complex of plant, animal and micro-organism communities and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit.

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