Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

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Wildlife Corridors


  1. A linear two dimensional landscape element that connects two or more patches of wildlife habitats that have been connected in historical time and is meant to function as a conduit for designated animal species. Even isolated strips, but usually attached to a patch of somewhat similar vegetation, could serve as a corridor.
  2. Streams, rivulets, rivers and their flood plains are natural corridors as they facilitate movement and dispersal of designated aquatic species.
  3. Riparian zones, along with intermittent and permanent streams and rivers, provide migration routes for certain designated species, such as butterflies, birds, bats, squirrels and monkeys.
  4. Wetland habitats along the migration route of designated migratory waterfowls that provide passage for large scale movement and food. Such a series of wetland habitats on network of staging sites along the migratory highways so as to reach wintering areas is crucial for the conservation of birds

Ecological Significance

Corridors serve several ecological functions :

  1. They provide seasonal migration route between areas where animals physically cross one area to another.
  2. They facilitate habitat supplementation, complementation and provide opportunities for the ‘source and sink’ populations through dispersal route from one area to another. Immature carnivore or any other animal seeking territories would use corridors for dispersal.
  3. They help in maintaining a network of protected areas or protected landscapes so as to allow gene flow between sub-populations. Otherwise, small and scattered protected areas would suffer from ‘island’ syndrome and ultimately fail in maintaining the ecosystem integrity.

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1 Kallar Elephant Corridor
2 Anaikatty Elephant Corridor
3 Vazhikadavu Elephant Corridor
4 Glencorin Elephant Corridor
5 Kaniyanpura - Moyar Elephant Corridor
6 Masinagudi-Moyar Elephant Corridor
7 Singara-Masinagudi Elephant Corridor
8 Mavinhalla-Chemmanatham Elephant Corridor
9 Mannarghat-Mukali Road Corridor
10 Singara-Bokkapuram Elephant Corridor


Ecotourism is: Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.

(TIES, 1990)

International Year of Biodiversity